Event Trends in Vietnam: Beyond the Superficial

Vietnam, which is experiencing significant economic and cultural growth, is attracting more and more attention from event organizers, and for good reason. Its thriving economy, rich culture and breathtaking scenery make it a destination of choice for events of all sizes. But what about the trends shaping the Vietnamese event industry? What are the driving forces shaping the future of events in Vietnam? Let’s go beyond the tourist boom and dive into lesser known themes.

Phygital, the digital transformation in the event industry - Photo : Phygital Labs

1-The rise of hybrid and virtual events

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of hybrid and virtual formats, providing greater flexibility and accessibility, which in turn has accelerated the digital transformation in the event industry. This trend, also known as "phygital", represents the fusion of the physical and digital worlds. This is a trend that shows no signs of slowing, as Vietnamese organizers explore immersive and interactive platforms to create unique experiences that break down geographical barriers.
Vietnam has experienced rapid growth in recent years, becoming a must-see destination for business and tourism. This evolution has been accompanied by a growing demand for more engaging and interactive events. It is in this context that hybrid and virtual events are gaining popularity.

What is a phygital event?

A phygital event is a combination of physical and virtual elements. It can manifest in different ways:
  • ♦ Conferences or workshops with participants present both in person and online.
  • Virtual exhibition stands with real-time interactions.
  • Networking platforms that allow participants to connect and build relationships wherever they are.

Why are phygital events popular in Vietnam?

Several factors contribute to the rise of phygital events in Vietnam:
  • ♦ The growth of the Internet and mobile technologies. Vietnam has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in Southeast Asia, allowing event organizers to reach a wide online audience.
  • ♦ Infrastructure development. Vietnam has made significant investments in its infrastructure, which facilitates the organization of large-scale events.
  • ♦ Growing demand for more engaging events. Participants are looking for immersive and interactive experiences, which phygital events can offer.

What is Phygital? Photo : Phygital Fashion

Benefits of phygital events

Phygital events offer many benefits for both organizers and participants:
  • ♦ Greater reach: They reach a wider audience, including those who cannot physically attend.
  • ♦ Cost reduction: They can be more cost effective than traditional events as they require less space and staff.
  • ♦ Flexibility: They offer greater flexibility to participants, who may choose to attend in person or online.
  • ♦ Improved engagement: They can provide more interactive and immersive experiences, resulting in increased participant engagement.

Examples of phygital events in Vietnam

Examples of phygital events in Vietnam include:
  • • Vietnam Tech Summit: This annual event brings together technology industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and innovations.
  • Vietnam International Fashion Week: This event showcases Vietnamese fashion designers and attracts buyers from around the world.
  • Vietnam Food Festival: This festival celebrates Vietnamese cuisine with culinary demonstrations, tastings and workshops.
In addition to the benefits mentioned, phygital events can also contribute to:
  • • Promote sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of events.
  • • Improve accessibility for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.
  • • Create communities by connecting people around the world.

Highlighting Vietnamese culture and traditions - Photo : Internet

2-The importance of authenticity and local impact

Captivate and engage participants

Simple dissemination of information is no longer enough. In Vietnam, event organizers strive to create immersive and interactive experiences that captivate and engage participants. This manifests itself - as we have just seen - through the use of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, gamification and interactive installations.
At the same time, participants are looking for events that integrate with the local community, highlighting Vietnamese culture and traditions, while organizers are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint and supporting local initiatives, creating a lasting positive impact. The Vietnamese public is looking for events that not only entertain them but transport them into a unique universe. Taking advantage of Vietnam’s cultural wealth, event organizers and participants are increasingly looking for authentic and immersive experiences, which Vietnam can offer them abundantly.
By choosing local suppliers and participating in sustainability initiatives, event organizers can have a beneficial impact on local communities in Vietnam. This contributes not only to the growth of the local economy, but also to the protection of the environment.

A healthy Lifestyle - Photo : Internet

3. The boom in "lifestyle" events

Well-being and personal fulfillment play an important role in Vietnamese society. Events focused on mental health, yoga, meditation and healthy eating are becoming increasingly popular, offering participants a much-needed break from the hectic pace of everyday life.
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4. The rise of micro-influencers and responsible influencer marketing

High profile celebrities are replaced by authentic local influencers committed to specific communities. Focusing on transparency and ethics, collaborations are prioritized to ensure a more accurate return on investment and a stronger connection with target audiences.
Many observers have noticed that influencer marketing is booming in Vietnam, with a rapid growth in the number of micro-influencers. These influencers, whose audiences are smaller but more engaged, prove to be valuable partners for brands seeking to establish an authentic and responsible relationship with Vietnamese consumers. In addition, unlike macro-influencers who have millions of followers, micro-influencers typically have audiences ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Often specialized in specific niches, they establish closer links with their audience and are better able to create more relevant content.

Ann is the first virtual singer made in Vietnam. Photo by BoBo Studio

5. The increasing use of technology and artificial intelligence

The event industry in Vietnam adopts technological innovation to improve the experience of participants. Artificial intelligence is used to personalize content, manage data, and create more fluid and intuitive interactions.
In short, the event industry in Vietnam goes far beyond tourism stereotypes. Organizers who explore deep trends and adapt to the expectations of today’s Vietnamese audience will be best positioned to succeed in this dynamic and growing market.

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