Travellers hungry for unforgettable adventure experiences will find plenty to cater to their tastes in Indochina.  In Vietnam, motorcycling the Ha Giang loop or hiking the valleys in Sa Pa are popular options, as is spelunking in the gargantuan caves of Phong Nha, or climbing the steep rock formations of Ha Long Bay.
The same variety can’t be found in Cambodia, but still, biking around Angkor Wat and the surrounding countryside imparts a feeling that you’re an archeologist discovering long lost structures and civilizations.
Over in Thailand, more rock climbing can be enjoyed in Krabi, or those of an aquatic nature can try their hand at scuba diving in peaceful Ko Tao. Up north in the rugged hills and mountains, white water rafting down roaring streams is especially memorable.
If you’ve ever dreamt of being able to fly, both “The Flight of the Gibbon” in Chiang Mai, Thailand and “The Gibbon Experience” in Vang Vieng, Laos will give you the chance to fulfill those dreams. Zipping among the treetops will be the closest you get to soaring like a bird, short of growing your own wings.
Vang Vieng, styling itself as the “adventure capital of Laos” has more to offer than just letting you feel like the king of the jungle. Among the activities offered here are rock climbing, kayaking, tubing, and rafting.
All in all, there are few areas of the world with a wider range of options for the adventurous traveller, with memorable and unique experiences hiding behind every corner.

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