Our Adventures

A family-run business founded in 2008, Mr Linh’s Adventures has over the last decade helped thousands of travellers have the best experience possible during their time in Indochina. Our mission statement of practicing ethically and environmentally sustainable travel has resonated with travellers from across the globe, and we’re very proud of our role in empowering and enriching local communities, always making sure that we leave a positive impression with the people there. In fact, since 2012, we have been organizing programs to train and help local people in remote areas to operate homestays.

The company’s founder, Mr Linh, was born in the shade of a tea bush on a cool, misty November morning. An idyllic childhood cutting grass for buffalo and working in the rice fields gave Mr Linh a deep curiosity for the world. Thus, at the age of 19, Mr Linh moved to Hanoi to study English and Tourism, and then worked for several travel companies in Hanoi for three years, before founding Mr Linh’s Adventures in 2008. This gave him invaluable experience in finding off-the-beaten-track destinations to share with travellers.

This focus on off-the-beaten-track experiences, especially focused on Northern Vietnam and Ba Be National Park, has made the company very successful, aiding thousands of travellers every year, as well as features in many prestigious publications like Lonely Planet 2012 & 2016, and Petit Fute. Due to this success, in 2012, Mr. Linh’s Adventures expanded beyond Vietnam and begun organizing tours in neighbouring countries in Indochina.

Following this, by 2014 we were organizing daily tours leaving for Ba Be National Park and Ban Cioc Waterfall from Hanoi as well as a 15-day adventure tour stretching the entire length of Vietnam with set departure dates, a service unique to Mr Linh’s Adventures.

In order to better facilitate partnerships between us and travel companies worldwide, the destination management company TrustedDMC was founded in 2016, as a sister-company to Mr. Linh’s Adventures. Blending local knowledge, expertise and resources, we design and manage all parts of our tours, including transportation, activities and accommodation, and you can consider us as the bridge between travellers and said services.

Most of the travellers choosing to use TrustedDMC as their Destination Management Company come from European, American and Australian markets, and to facilitate partnerships with tourism businesses in these markets, we regularly attend conferences in these continents like World Travel Market in London, Vietnam Tourism Roadshow all across Europe and Soulful Vietnam in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.


Our Adventures
A typical child in rural Northern Vietnam


First offices in Ba Be National Park and Hanoi opened.

Ba Be Tourism Center and Mr Linh’s Adventures in Hanoi opened their doors, organizing trips to Ba Be National Park.

Expanded beyond Vietnam

In 2012, Mr Linh’s Adventures expanded our tours to reach beyond Vietnam into neighbouring Laos and Cambodia.

Mr Linh’s Homestay in Ba Be National Park opened.

Wishing to ensure that every part of our travellers’ Ba Be National Park experience is perfect, Mr. Linh opened Mr Linh’s Homestay within the park.

Lonely Planet 2012

Mr Linh’s Homestay and Ba Be Tourism Center were honoured to be featured in Lonely Planet, 2012 edition. Shortly after this, the first customer to discover us through the book arrived at our office.

Began training locals in remote communities

Also in 2012, Mr Linh’s Adventures set up programs to help and teach villagers in remote locations how to best run a homestay out of their homes.

Rising success and new focus

In this period, Mr. Linh’s Adventures reached new levels of success, helping introduce thousands of travellers to the wonders of Vietnam and Indochina. It was also at this time that we turned our focus heavily towards off-the-beaten-track style travel, offering more authentic and adventurous experiences than traditional tours.

By 2014

By 2014, organized tours were leaving daily for Ba Be National Park and Ban Gioc Waterfall from Hanoi, and we also started our unique 15 day adventure tour, spanning the entire length of Vietnam.

Second Feature in Lonely Planet

In 2016, we were honored for the second time to be featured in Lonely Planet, this time for our tour packages at Mr. Linh’s Adventures.

TrustedDMC founded

In 2016, in order to facilitate more partnerships with travel companies worldwide, TrustedDMC was founded as a sister company to Mr. Linh’s Adventures.

TrustedDMC attends conferences and fair worldwide

During this time, TrustedDMC travelled all around the world to visit tourism conferences and expos. This included Vietnam Tourism Roadshows in Spain, the Nordics, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Czechia in 2017, the WTM in London in 2017 and 2018, and Soulful Vietnam in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada in 2018.