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Imagine... You are gazing at emerald rice fields that stretch into misty mountains, a gentle breeze playing in the bamboo groves. But instead of a cocktail in hand, you tap on your laptop, the click of the keys mixing with the song of exotic birds. Welcome to the world of Bleisure Travel in Vietnam, where business blends perfectly with breathtaking beauty, and where your conference room has a million dollar view.
This trend is no longer limited to work combined with holidays (or vice versa). It is a strategic change driven by a global desire for connection, rejuvenation and experiences that go beyond the ordinary. And Vietnam is becoming the safe haven of Southeast.
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Bleisure Travel : the trend that changes the way to travel

Bleisure is a portmanteau word made up of the words "business" and "leisure".
This concept emerged in the 2000s with the rise of low-cost air travel and mobile technologies, which made it easier and more affordable for travelers to combine work and leisure.
Fun is becoming more popular around the world, including in Vietnam. According to a study by, by 2028, the Vietnamese bleisure market is expected to reach $3.2 billion.
Young professionals are particularly interested in this concept because they attach great importance to the balance between their professional and private lives. In addition, they are more likely to be adventurous travelers looking for new experiences.
Bleisure has many benefits for tourists, businesses and travelers. It allows travelers to combine work and leisure, discover new destinations and benefit from discounts on travel and accommodation. For businesses, this reduces business travel costs and increases employee satisfaction and productivity. It allows tourist destinations to attract new customers and increase revenues.
There is also this recent survey from which found that 74% of business travellers worldwide are interested in bleisure travel (, 2023). With its convenient location and diverse offerings, Vietnam is ideal to take advantage of this trend. Thus, the bleisure presents very favorable prospects. As businesses and travellers adapt their practices to changing lifestyles, this concept is likely to develop further in the coming years.

Some examples of the use of bleisure

  • • A business traveller may extend their stay by a day or two to visit attractions or participate in leisure activities.
  • • A company can host networking events or training outside of office hours so participants can combine work and play.
  • • Bleisure packages that combine business and leisure activities can be offered by a tourist destination.
  • • Businesses and tourism destinations that want to take advantage of the bleisure trend need to change their offerings and services to meet the needs of bleisure travellers.

Bleisure Travel combines Business with Pleasure - photo : Internet

Why don’t we talk numbers?

Recent statistics and news (2023-2024)

Bleisure, the mix of business and leisure travel, is on the rise in Vietnam, driven by factors such as flexible working conditions, growing disposable income and a booming travel industry.
According to the website of the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam, the country welcomed 12.6 million international visitors in 2023. Among these visitors, 1.5 million were business travelers.
The Global Business Travel Association study also found that Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for bleisure in Asia.
Below are some interesting statistics and recent observations to paint a picture.

Market growth

  • • Double-digit growth: between 2023 and 2028, the Vietnamese bleisure market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% to reach a market size of $3.2 billion. (Source: Market Bleisure Vietnam 2023-2028,
According to a study by, 46% of business travellers now combine business travel with leisure activities. Young professionals, who are more likely to seek unique and rewarding experiences, are particularly likely to experience this trend. In addition, Bleisure trips to Vietnam are growing at an impressive rate of 25% per year. (Source: Vietnam National Tourism Administration)
  • • Vietnam’s MICE industry is expected to grow by 12.4% a year to 2027. This is a treasure trove of opportunities for bleisure travelers.
  • • Millennials and Gen Zs lead the charge: over 70% of Vietnam’s bleisure travellers are millennials and Gen Zs. This growth is driven by their preference for work-life balance and travel experiences. The Bleisure travel movement is on the rise in Vietnam, according to VnExpress International (Bleisure travel trend on the rise in Vietnam).

Travel preferences

  • Short-term weekend travel: Bleisure travelers to Vietnam prefer short-term weekend trips (2-3 days) to nearby destinations such as Da Nang, Nha Trang or Hoi An, combining business meetings and leisure activities. (Source: Vietnam Insider, Bleisure travel: Work hard, play hard in Vietnam)
  • Focus on nature and wellness: ecotourism, wellness residences and outdoor activities are gaining popularity among leisure travellers looking to relax and rejuvenate. (Source: Saigon Times, Bleisure travel trend on the rise in Vietnam)
  • Technology preferences: Bleisure travellers in Vietnam use online platforms to book travel, accommodation and experiences, looking for seamless and personalized options. (Source: Vietnam Briefing, The Rise of Bleisure Travel in Vietnam).

Impact on the economy

  • Job creation: The growing global market creates new jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors, stimulates local economies and contributes to the growth of Vietnam’s overall GDP. (Source: Vietnam News, Bleisure travel: A new engine for Vietnam’s tourism industry)
  • Sustainable tourism: Bleisure travelers are increasingly aware of the impact of their trip on the environment and are looking for ways to travel more environmentally friendly, encouraging responsible tourism practices in Vietnam. Source: Viet Nam News, Sustainable tourism: Key to Vietnam post-pandemic recovery)
  • Pampered luxury hospitality with comfort-focused packages and shared workspaces that look like lotus flowers. (Source: Saigon Times)

Challenges and opportunities

  • • Infrastructure development: Modernizing transportation infrastructure and networks in popular destinations is essential to meet growing demand and improve the overall passenger experience.
  • • Work-life balance: To maximize employee productivity and satisfaction, organizations must adapt to the trend towards diversity by promoting flexible work arrangements and ensuring employee well-being.
  • • Tailor-made offers: Travel service providers must create packages and experiences tailored to the needs and preferences of Vietnamese travellers.
Vietnamese tourism companies can take advantage of the growing bleisure market using these recent data and statistics. They can develop attractive products to meet the changing needs of bleisure travelers.
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Leisure Travel in Vietnam - photo : Internet

Bleisure Travel in Vietnam, spoiler alerts

Bleisure is a growing trend in Vietnam. With its strategic geographic position, rapid economic growth and unique culture, the country is a destination of choice for business travelers.
Vietnamese business travelers are more likely than foreign business travelers to practice bleisure. According to a study conducted by the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam, only 15% of foreign business travelers reported having practiced bleisure on their last business trip.
During the low season, the bleisure is more popular. During low season, when flight and hotel prices are lower, business travelers tend to have more time for leisure.
The Vietnamese economy is powered by bleisure. Tourism is an important sector of the Vietnamese economy, and tourism contributes to the expansion of this industry.

Bleisure in Vietnam, combine work with pleasure

For business travelers who wish to combine their stay with leisure activities, Vietnam offers many unique advantages. The country’s nature, history and culture are rich. In addition, it offers a wide range of leisure activities, including beach, hiking, cooking and visiting historical sites.

Beyond the tourist trail: a local immersion

The bleisure scene of Vietnam is not limited to checking tourist boxes. It’s about immersing yourself in the rhythm of local life, connecting with communities and returning to work with a renewed perspective and a heart full of inspiration. Vietnam offers a multitude of experiences that go beyond the path traveled.
Imagine closing a deal amidst the serenity of Pu Luong’s stilt houses, surrounded by carved valleys of rice terraces and crystal-clear waterfalls.
See a hike through the misty mountains of Sapa, meeting mountain tribes in colourful traditional costumes.
Imagine leading a team-building on the shores of Ba Be Lake, set in a jungle-lined karst mountain theatre and home to the cave known as the Son Doong of North Vietnam…

Wellness Warriors: rejuvenate and reconnect

Bleisure travel is not just about tourism; it’s also about recharging your batteries. The variety of Vietnamese wellness practices promises to soothe your mind, body and soul.
Immerse yourself in traditional Vietnamese massage, a symphony of pressure points and herbal oils that dispels tension.
Join a yoga retreat in a peaceful setting, with abundant rice fields or views of the blue sea.
Attend mindfulness workshops led by Buddhist monks that teach you ancient methods to help you focus and find inner peace.

Beyond Business: Building Stronger Connections

Bleisure Travel is not just about ticking boxes; it’s about building meaningful connections. In Vietnam, you can:
Gain first-hand knowledge of Vietnamese culture, volunteer with local NGOs and contribute to important causes.
Take a cooking class, learn to cook Vietnamese and have a meal with your new friends.
Learn a few basic Vietnamese phrases, allowing you to engage in authentic interactions and improve your cultural understanding.
These experiences go beyond the superficial, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation of Vietnam’s kaleidoscope.

Bleisure Travel’s future: Vietnam beckons

The Bleisure scene in Vietnam is constantly evolving, offering a unique opportunity to be a pioneer. Vietnam is poised to become the next global hub thanks to its affordable luxury, diverse landscapes and warm hospitality. Pack your bags, forget the blues of the conference and enjoy the transformative power of traveling to Vietnam. You could come back with a new perspective and the magic of Vietnam etched deep into your mind.
Ready to start your own Bleisure trip to Vietnam? Contact Trusted DMC and start planning your next business and pleasure trip today!

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