Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 3, June 2021

Published on 21st June, 2021.
Written by Khanh Le, Manager Assistant at Mr Linh’s Adventures

On May 11th, 2021, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control announced that Vietnam would be facing a fourth wave of pandemic.  

Given that on April 27th, 2021, the province of Yen Bai in the north of Vietnam confirmed a new case of infection after a long period with no positive cases. The case then spread the disease to multiple individuals, the number of which reached 486 cases by May 11th, including the capital of Hanoi with 99 infected patients. Vietnam also recorded new infected zones (in 26 provinces/cities) due to various reasons such as crossed infection in public, in quarantine areas, in hospitals, on flights or at other public services, etc.

According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam is currently facing a new mutated version of the virus originally from India, which expands 70% faster than the mutated type during the third wave. The supervisor at the Public Health Emergency Response Center indicates that the Indian mutated virus in Vietnam is bound to spread much more rapidly and it can turn F1 cases to F0 in only 1-2 days and from F2 to F0 quickly. Accordingly, every and each citizen must stay cautious towards the new mutation of Covid-19.

Medical staffs performing Covid tests

For the past weeks of May and June, Vietnam has started a new period of public distancing restriction. By far, the red-zone-areas in the north such as  Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang are likely to overcome the fourth wave as more cases are turning negative after 14 days of quarantine. The public services (cafes, shops, restaurants, hairdressers, etc.) are expected to reopen as soon as there is a confirmation of pandemic control in these provinces/cities.

However, the public quarantines in Ho Chi Minh City are still fighting this new virus continuously. The big city of southern Vietnam has passed its first public distancing period since May 31st but is likely to exceed the restriction order for two more weeks due to the confirmation of more Covid-19 positive cases everyday.

Quarantine in public residence in Ho Chi Minh City

Beside these recent updates, Vietnam is making more efforts in creating the vaccine. The country also encourages people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. By far, the Centre of Disease Control of Hanoi has come up with new plans and is ready to execute the vaccination process for the 3rd and 4th period. The first shot of vaccination will aim for the prioritised group including medical staff, individuals taking part in the prevention of Covid-19, etc. Reports show that Hanoi has successfully vaccinated more than 8.400 citizens during the first period and more than 53.000 during the second one.

Meanwhile, the governmental officials are coming up with more appropriate plans for the vaccination, one of which is to speed up the importation of vaccines from other provider countries. It is expected that by the end of December 2021, 70% of Vietnamese citizens will be vaccinated. They are looking into recommendations of dividing the number of vaccines for each group: 70% for national and governmental entities, 30% for the citizens for exemple. It is also advised with a ratio of 80 : 20 by certains enterprises.

In order to overcome this fourth wave of pandemic, the government of Vietnam always require every citizen, every residence to strictly follow the restriction of social distancing and the 5K regulation: Khẩu trang (Mask) – Khử khuẩn (Disinfection) – Khoảng cách (Distance) – Không tập trung (No gathering) – Khai báo y tế (Medical declaration).
5K regulation of the Ministry of Health
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