Challenges of MICE Tourism in Thailand: navigating a changing landscape


Thailand has emerged as a preferred destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) tourism in Southeast Asia. Its strengths - developed infrastructure, picturesque landscapes, rich culture, and welcoming population - make it an ideal location for business events. However, the Thai MICE sector faces challenges that it must overcome to maintain its position as a regional leader.

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Evolution of Business Tourism in Thailand

MICE tourism in Thailand has experienced sustained growth in recent decades, driven by improved air connectivity, the development of world-class infrastructure, and favorable government policies. Bangkok has become a major hub for international conferences and exhibitions, while Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya attract smaller-scale business events.
This evolution can be summarized in three phases:

1980-2000: Emergence and initial development

  • Recognition of the potential of business tourism
  • Investments in hotel and conference infrastructure
  • Promotion of Bangkok as a MICE destination

2000-2020: Growth and diversification

  • Expansion to other destinations like Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya
  • Establishment of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) in 2004
  • Significant increase in the number of international events hosted

2020-2024: Resilience and adaptation in the face of the pandemic

  • Implementation of strict health protocols
  • Development of hybrid offerings (inperson and virtual)
  • Focus on domestic and regional markets

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Current Status

The MICE sector in the Land of Smiles is characterized by:

Modern infrastructure

  • Stateof-the-art convention centers in major cities
  • Internationally recognized hotels with event spaces
  • Developed air connectivity

Diverse offerings

  • Variety of destinations combining business and leisure
  • Wide range of services for all budgets
  • Recognized expertise in event organization

Strong government support

  • Initiatives by the TCEB to attract international events. The TCEB, or Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, is a Thai government agency established in 2002 by royal decree. Its mission is to promote Thailand as a MICE destination.
  • Tax incentives for organizers
  • Streamlined administrative procedures

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The challenges

The MICE tourism sector in Thailand is currently facing several challenges, including:

Increased regional competition

Thailand faces strong competition from other MICE destinations in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, which have heavily invested in their MICE infrastructure and offer more attractive deals to event organizers.

Rapidly evolving client expectations

Client expectations in the MICE industry are changing rapidly. Event organizers now seek more immersive and personalized experiences, requiring Thai service providers to be more creative and innovative.

Shortage of skilled workforce

The Thai MICE sector is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, which can lead to service issues and increased costs for event organizers.

Persistent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant negative impact on MICE tourism in Thailand. Travel restrictions and event cancellations have resulted in substantial losses for businesses in the sector.

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Future challenges

In addition to the current challenges, Thai MICE tourism will also face several future challenges, particularly:

The need for adopting more sustainable practices

Event organizers and business travelers are increasingly concerned about the environment. The Thai MICE tourism sector will need to adopt more sustainable practices to remain competitive.

Adapting to the effects of climate change

Climate change is a growing threat to Thailand, with potential impacts on tourism infrastructure and popular destinations. The Thai MICE tourism sector will need to adapt to the effects of climate change and develop resilience strategies.

Managing geopolitical uncertainty

Thailand has experienced political instability in recent years, which may deter some event organizers from choosing the country as a destination.

Rising costs

The cost of living and doing business in Thailand is increasing, which can make the country less competitive compared to other MICE destinations.

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Despite the mentioned challenges, the Thai MICE sector also presents significant opportunities:

Growth of the Asian MICE market

The Asian region is experiencing exponential growth in the MICE market, providing Thai businesses with a wide range of expansion opportunities.

Continued development of new infrastructure

The Thai government is heavily investing in the creation of new MICE infrastructure, such as state-of-the-art convention centers and hotels, thereby strengthening the country's capacity to host large-scale events.

Diversification of MICE offerings

Thailand is actively diversifying its MICE products by offering event organizers new destinations and unique experiences beyond traditional offerings.

By capitalizing on these opportunities and addressing existing challenges, Thai MICE tourism can continue to grow and play an even more crucial role in the national economy.


Despite the challenges it faces, MICE tourism in Thailand has strong growth potential. The combination of increasing demand in Asia, infrastructure investments, and a diverse offering positions Thailand as a top MICE destination. Close collaboration between the government and the private sector is essential to realize this potential. By adapting to new trends and investing in innovation, Thailand can offer unique and immersive MICE experiences that meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. The success of MICE tourism in Thailand will not only stimulate the national economy but also enhance the country's image on the international stage.

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