Streamlined Entry to Cambodia: Introducing the Cambodia e-Arrival Card (CeA)

Effective July 1, 2024, Cambodia implements the Cambodia e-Arrival Card (CeA), an electronic arrival card system, to modernize and expedite entry procedures. This replaces the traditional paper-based forms (accepted until June 30, 2024) and simplifies airport formalities.

The new Cambodia e-Arrival Apps - Source : internet

Benefits of the Cambodia e-Arrival Card

  • Convenience: Apply online or via the official mobile app up to 7 days before your trip and save time upon arrival.
  • Efficiency: Reduce processing time with a modern system that allows for faster and more accurate applications.
  • One-Stop Solution: Manage your entire arrival process, including e-Visa application (optional), immigration, health, and customs declarations, on a single platform (

The Cambodia e-Arrival Card Platform

Available on the government portal and mobile app (downloadable from App Store and Google Play).
  • ♦ Apply for an electronic visa on arrival (e-VOA) for eligible nationalities (fees apply).
  • ♦ Complete your immigration declaration online.
  • ♦ Submit your health declaration.
  • ♦ Complete your customs declaration.
  • ♦ QR Code Generation: Upon completion, a QR code is issued for a smooth customs clearance process upon arrival.

Details of the Operations

Optional e-VOA: Expedite your arrival by applying for an e-VOA (fees vary based on visa type). This step can be skipped if you already possess a valid e-Visa or physical visa.
Pre-filled Immigration Card: Complete your immigration details electronically up to 7 days prior to your trip, eliminating the need for paper forms.
Integrated Health Declaration: Submit your health declaration conveniently within the e-Arrival Card platform.
Simplified Customs Declaration: Declare your belongings directly within the e-Arrival Card, eliminating the need for separate forms.

Manage your entire arrival process on a single platform - Source : Khmer Times

A Free and Efficient Process

Completing the e-Arrival Card is a free process (except for e-VOA fees). Once completed, a QR code is generated for presentation to immigration officials upon arrival in Cambodia (either printed or displayed electronically).
This streamlined system significantly reduces processing time and enhances the overall arrival experience in Cambodia.

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