Vietnam on its way to conquer Europe: A promising roadshow in Paris, Milan and Frankfurt

The Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT) is organizing a roadshow in Europe from June 24 to July 2, with stops in Paris, Milan and Frankfurt. The aim of this event is to promote Vietnam as a destination to European tourism professionals, and to strengthen partnerships between Vietnam and European markets.

Hanoi, Vietnam - June 24, 2024

The Vietnam National National Authority of Tourism is about to embark on an exciting European journey, with a roadshow running from June 24 to July 2. This bold initiative aims to promote Vietnam's unique charms to key European markets, highlighting the diversity of destinations and experiences offered by this fascinating country.
Each leg of the roadshow will feature a series of presentations, B2B meetings and networking events. European tourism professionals will have the opportunity to discover Vietnam's many attractions, including its spectacular scenery, rich culture and delicious cuisine.
Hosted by the Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel in Paris, the roadshow will kick off in the City of Light, where Trusted DMC, through its CEO Mr Linh, will present its assets to an audience of French tourism professionals and media. Participants will be able to discover Vietnam's cultural richness, spectacular landscapes and numerous leisure and adventure opportunities.
From Paris, the roadshow will head to Milan, Italy's fashion and design capital. There, Trusted DMC and all participants will focus on Vietnam's potential as a high-end destination for business tourism, offering an idyllic setting for refined bleisure experiences...
Finally, the roadshow will conclude its journey in Frankfurt, Germany's financial hub. Participants will take this opportunity to highlight Vietnam's commercial attractions, presenting the investment and partnership opportunities available to European companies in this dynamic country.

A range of Vietnamese experiences to discover

Throughout the roadshow, participants will have the opportunity to discover the diversity of Vietnam's landscapes and cultures, while taking advantage of the opportunity to meet representatives of the Vietnamese tourism industry and establish valuable links for future collaborations.
"The VNAT European roadshow is a unique opportunity to introduce Vietnam to a wider international audience and reinforce our positioning as a top tourist destination," said Mr. Linh, CEO of Trusted DMC and Mr. Linh's adventures. He continued: "We are convinced that this event will help boost tourist arrivals from Europe and forge lasting partnerships with key players in the tourism industry."

A booming European market

The European market represents an important segment for Vietnamese tourism, with arrivals from this region growing steadily in recent years. In 2023, Vietnam welcomed over 12 million international visitors, with strong growth in European travelers: In November 2023, Vietnam recorded a 58.5% monthly increase in the number of visitors from Europe.
Source (in French): VientnamPlus.
VNAT's European roadshow is part of the agency's overall strategy to diversify markets and raise Vietnam's profile on the international stage. The aim is to make Vietnam a must-see destination for European travelers in search of authentic, unforgettable experiences.

About Vietnam National Tourism Bureau (VNAT)

The Vietnam National Tourism Bureau (VNAT) is the government body responsible for promoting tourism in Vietnam. Its mission is to develop and manage a sustainable and responsible tourism industry, thereby contributing to the country's economic and social growth. VNAT works closely with the private sector and international partners to promote Vietnam as a world-class tourism destination.


The VNAT European roadshow is a promising initiative that should help raise Vietnam's profile among European travellers and boost tourist arrivals from the region. With its spectacular scenery, rich culture and numerous leisure opportunities, Vietnam has everything to appeal to European visitors in search of authentic, unforgettable adventures.

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