The latest trends and innovations in MICE tourism in Vietnam

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) tourism is a fast increasing sector in Vietnam's tourism economy. It has grown quickly in the last five years, according to the Vietnam Administration of Tourism, making the country a new MICE tourist destination in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the COVID-19 epidemic halted all face-to-face meetings in 2020, and digital technology has fundamentally altered MICE products. Nowadays, MICE tourism is expected to recover as the epidemic is well controlled in the country.

Ho Chi Minh City, one the most important MICE destination in Vietnam - Photo : Internet

Stand out from the competition

In a way, Covid was a chance to get a head start. Because of the crisis, there is an increased awareness of responsible tourism. More than ever, the need for authenticity and the quest for meaning are heard loud and clear. Those who move in that direction will certainly have competitive advantages.
Today. we see that mass tourism has regained strength in all circuits in Vietnam. Whether in the choice of route or the approach to visit, standardization is omnipresent. It is clear that these two levers are to be prioritized in the future.
Whether it is tailor-made or off the beaten track, the offers lack depth. Indeed, tour operators often favor the discovery of sites as a lever for differentiation. However, the way to discover these places lacks originality. For lack of innovation, they propose a sanitized approach. There are two strong trends:
• The discovery of the stopover cities is limited to the visit of the monuments
• Some activities cultivate the cultural folklorization effect - This also compromises the intrinsic identity of Vietnamese culture.
A DMC – your Trusted DMC – with its responsible and ethical vision of tourism, putting people back at the centre of travel while respecting their environment, stands out significantly from the competition. In addition, if it is a MICE specilaist – as is Your Partner in Asia – he will be keen to participate in emerging trends and innovations. For this article, we have identified 4 main lines that we share with you.

Responsible Tourism according to Trusted DMC : Social Responsability

What’s new in MICE tourism in Vietnam

1. Digitalization of MICE tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technology in the MICE tourism industry, developing products and services such as virtual events, online exhibitions, and hybrid meetings.
Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular in the MICE tourism market in Vietnam. They provide a low-cost and secure alternative to traditional face-to-face gatherings. Virtual events are more inclusive and accessible because they may be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Another example of digitalization in MICE tourism is online exhibitions. They enable exhibitors to expose their products and services to a worldwide audience without having to physically present themselves. Online exhibitions are also less harmful to the environment than traditional exhibitions because they eliminate the need for travel and paper-based marketing materials. Not to forget that product launches and team-building exercises, for example, are great for hybrid meetings, because hybrid meetings are a mix of virtual and in-person meetings. They provide the benefits of face-to-face engagement while also allowing remote members to participate in the meeting.

Green Tourism, a notable trend in MICE industry - Photo : Internet

2. Sustainability and MICE tourism

In the MICE tourist industry, sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly significant.
The government of Vietnam promotes sustainable MICE tourism by implementing eco-friendly methods such as green mobility, trash reduction, and energy conservation. Of course, there is still much to be done, but the momentum has been given: Vietnam features a number of environmentally friendly venues that are excellent for MICE events. The InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, for example, is a 5-star resort that has won multiple honors for its environmentally friendly practices, such as using solar power, recycling waste, and conserving water.
Furthermore, in the MICE tourism market, Vietnam promotes responsible tourist practices. An example is the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism who has started a "Green Travel" campaign to encourage travelers to engage in sustainable travel habits such as reducing plastic waste, conserving water, and supporting local communities.

3. Keep an eye on emerging MICE destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam features a number of developing MICE destinations that are gaining favor with international event planners. Here are a few of the most notable:
1. Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City is probably one of the most popular MICE destinations in Vietnam. The southern megapole's infrastructure is well-developed, with world-class convention facilities, five-star hotels, and good transportation links. The city is also well-known for its fascinating history, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine. Ho Chi Minh City was voted Asia's Best MICE Tourism Destination in 2021.
2. Ha Noi
Vietnam’s capital is another emerging MICE destination in Vietnam. The millenary city boasts a rich cultural history and historical attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Temple of Literature. In addition, Hanoi boasts a number of world-class conference centers and hotels that are suitable for MICE events.
3. Da Nang
Da Nang is a central Vietnamese coastal city famed for its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking natural environment. It features a number of world-class resorts and conference centers suitable for MICE events. Da Nang also has a number of cultural attractions, including the Marble Mountains and the Cham Sculpture Museum.
4. Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island, located off the coast of southern Vietnam, is a tropical paradise. It features a number of premium resorts and conference centers suitable for MICE events. The island is also noted for its spectacular sunsets, magnificent beaches, and crystal-clear waters.
Some economic, political, and social centers capable of hosting big international or national events while providing adequate infrastructure, gorgeous landscapes, and fresh air, such as Ha Long, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, or Vung Tau, will be added to this short list.

Da Nang, a charming MICE destination in Vietnam - Photo : Internet

4. Innovative MICE products and services

Vietnam's MICE tourism industry is constantly evolving, with new products and services being introduced regularly. In particular:
Gamification is the use of game features to engage and motivate attendees, such as points, badges, and leaderboards. Gamification can be used in MICE tourism to provide interactive experiences that encourage attendees to participate in events and network with one another.
Experiential Events
Experiential events are sensory-rich experiences that engage guests on multiple levels. Experiential events, such as themed dinners, interactive seminars, and team-building activities, can be used in MICE tourism to generate memorable experiences for guests.

Global overarching MICE trends

Meeting demand is increasing, and while not all organizations are splurging, luxury venues are not being ruled out, and some rising trends are visible.
Venues are no longer expected to have merely a high-speed internet connection and an overhead projector. Virtual assistants and artificial intelligence, for example, have a favorable impact on guest experiences. Virtual and augmented reality, webcasting, live streaming, and video conferencing are all becoming increasingly crucial for venues to stay competitive.
Organizers also appreciate corporate meetings that provide authentic experiences. Many organizers are now looking for places that provide quiet settings, creating a demand for corporate meetings in more natural settings. Another emerging trend is "go local"--guests want to be engaged in local culture, and authentic travel experiences are in high demand.
As organizers seek unique, tailor-made experiences rather than a cookie-cutter approach, events must become more engaging. Every participant's wish list includes flexible meeting locations.
Furthermore, there is a growing requirement for organizers to encourage audience connection and participation. Younger generations are less interested in traditional speakers and seek involvement over instruction. Interactivity, increased collaboration among people, and information exchange sessions are now more important. People are choosing fresh and healthful foods over sweet pastries, with an emphasis on "brain food."

Luxury dinner in Halong Bay - Photo : Internet

Does Vietnam’s MICE meet global trends ?

Although the MICE sector in Vietnam tends to develop in the luxury sector, budget constraints have not disappeared and the purse strings are far from being completely loosened.
However, the MICE industry in Vietnam has bright possibilities. The need for exhibitions, meetings, and events to present the latest products or simply for team building is increasing as the economy improves. Vietnam has been portraying itself as an emerging MICE site in Asia for some time in order to attract event organizers. MICE services and activities are provided by travel agents and the hotel industry to high-end clientele.
Vietnam is rapidly expanding and will most likely exceed other traditional MICE destinations as direct connectivity to the country has increased and is expected to continue. In addition, infrastructure improvements in MICE cities are on the rise and the mix of culture, sun and sea, as well as a warm welcome (and delicious food !) will continue to stimulate this interest.
Furthermore, everyone recognizes that Vietnam has a stable political structure, which makes it an ideal location for major events and conferences. And last but not least, Vietnam has hosted numerous major events, including APEC 2017, ASEAN Summit 2010, ASEAN Tourism Forum-ATF 2009, ASEAN Summit 2020, Vietnam International Travel Mart 2021 and the 18th Global Women Summit.

To conclude

According to a survey by IMARC Group, the MICE industry in Vietnam is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% between 2024 and 2032. According to this survey, the expansion may be attributed to increased government backing and investments in infrastructure development, Vietnam's unique culture, rich history, and scenic landscapes, as well as the country's political stability and safety record. Vietnam has made important contributions to the development of sophisticated conference halls, hotels, and transportation networks to support large-scale MICE events. These facilities are up to international standards, drawing event planners from all over the world. Furthermore, Vietnam's diversified culture, rich history, and scenic landscapes provide one-of-a-kind and appealing locations for MICE events. The country's cultural richness and natural beauty serve as a backdrop for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions conducted in Vietnam. This combination of cultural riches and modern infrastructure is enticing to both event planners and guests.
As a result, it can be concluded that Vietnam's MICE market is in line with the most recent trends and developments in MICE tourism, and that it will continue to grow in the next years.
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