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Vietnam is a dynamic and vibrant MICE event destination. It provides a one-of-a-kind blend of cultural riches, natural beauty, and modern conveniences. Vietnam is a top choice for MICE events of all sizes and budgets due to its modern infrastructure, competitive pricing, and friendly hospitality. Due to the country's long coastline, beautiful natural scenery, developed infrastructure, transportation, and distinct cultural identity, experts believe Vietnam has significant growth potential for MICE tourism.
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Vietnam is a top choice for MICE events of all sizes and budgets : Photo : Internet


Covid-19 and MICE Industry in Vietnam

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Vietnam's MICE tourism industry.
The pandemic had a significant impact on the tourism industry, including MICE tourism, in 2020. The virus halted all face-to-face meetings, and digital technology has completely transformed MICE products.
However, there are encouraging signs of recovery. MICE tourism is expected to recover and expand as the country's epidemic is under control. According to international forecasts, tourism, including MICE, will become the most resilient economic sector.

MICE tourism in Vietnam

MICE travellers are a new type of travellers in Vietnam, demonstrating that MICE tourism has great potential. In recent years, Vietnam has been chosen as one of the best places in Southeast Asia to host major events such as the US-DPRK Summit, the 37th ASEAN Summit, and so on, facilitating the growth of MICE tourism. The following outstanding marks demonstrate the basic conditions indicating the development potential of Vietnam MICE travel :

1. Nature's, culture's, and heritage's imprint

Vietnam has long been known as a destination of choice in the world for its spectacular natural landscapes and exceptional cultural heritage. In which, Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, the landscape complex of Trang An, or the royal music of Hue and the space of the culture of gong in the highlands of Vietnam,... are the main attractions and heritages of Vietnam.

2. Vietnam is a safe destination

A safe country is an important factor in making MICE tourism possible in Vietnam.
Vietnam is a politically stable country with adequate security and few major political conflicts or protests. Most Vietnamese people, in particular, are welcoming, kind, and eager to help others.

3. Infrastructure is constantly being upgraded

Vietnam's infrastructure is constantly being developed and upgraded in order to meet the needs of large, long-term groups of tourists while providing the highest level of service quality. Specifically:
- Vietnam's international airports, intercity highways, public buses, overhead railways, and other transportation infrastructure are constantly being renovated and built to better meet the needs of travellers.
- A wide range of travel services are available. MICE tourism is being promoted in Vietnam in part. Each year, tourism service units create a wide range of programs and activities to meet the needs of various tourist groups. Visitors have had a plethora of new experiences as a result of the increased emphasis on sustainable tourism development and cultural preservation.
- The hotel and resort system, in particular, is constantly being invested in, with a focus on conference rooms, meeting rooms, and event space with full facilities and services.
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4. Visa exemption policy

According to local MICE actors, Vietnam’s new electronic visa policy, which entered into force on August 15 of this year 2023, facilitated group visits and MICE visits, while helping this Vietnamese tourism sector to catch up with its peers in the region and around the world, opening up more opportunities for cooperation. Recall that with this policy, Vietnam has extended the validity of tourist electronic visas from 30 days to 90 days, with several entries, and has tripled the duration of visa-free stays for visitors from certain countries to 45 days.
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Hanoi ais one of the two most attractive destinations for MICE tourists in Vietnam - Photo : Internet

The era of MICE tourism

The National Tourism Administration of Vietnam is determined to attract investment, develop MICE tourism and create attractive tourism products in its strategy to develop Vietnamese tourism products until 2025 with a focus towards 2030.
In order to congratulate and encourage employees after the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to organize conferences and events year increased. This facilitates faster recovery of companies and MICE sites. It is likely that tourism activities combined with work will be chosen instead of pure tourism, although Covid-19 is essentially under control. On the other hand, after these years of pandemic, many international conferences, seminars and events were postponed with business plans, promotions, customer service and product launches.

However, experts say that it is necessary to invest simultaneously to stimulate the development of MICE tourism. It is undeniable that the growth of MICE products in Vietnam faces many obstacles.
First, investment in MICE tourism needs to be more methodical and broader. Currently, there are many 5 star hotels in Vietnam, but there are still few meeting rooms and rooms available; few conventions and exhibition centers are able to organize events for groups of several thousand people.
Secondly, the human resources for MICE tourism are few and of poor quality.
And finally, there is still little promotion of MICE trips in the international market.
Therefore, tourist localities and businesses must have a methodical investment strategy in infrastructure and improve services professionally to develop this type of tourism.
In addition, particular attention should be paid to improving the skills and qualifications of workers able to welcome and serve customers, organize events and provide quality tourism products and services, safely and efficiently to meet the needs of tourists.

HCM city is the second most attractive destinations for MICE tourists in Vietnam - Photo : Pexel

Opportunities coming

International travelers appreciate Vietnam because of its political stability and security.
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the two most attractive destinations for MICE tourists in Vietnam. These two cities are economic, commercial and cultural centers of the country, and their infrastructure and services have been significantly improved to accommodate MICE travelers.
If the majority of international tourists arrive in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Halong Bay and Phu Quoc, other destinations suitable for visitors could meet the demand for medium-sized events. Two examples of facilities served by international airports are Angsana in Lang Co in central Vietnam and the brand new Hoiana complex outside Hoi An.  
In addition, Nha Trang, a seaside city served by Cam Ranh International Airport and capable of many international connections, especially with China and Russia, has enormous potential in Incentives and Events.
And finally, to close this brief overview of alternative MICE destinations, there is one player who would like to find synergies to build this market: Sovico Holdings, which owns the low-cost airlinecost VietJet Air and whose accommodation portfolio includes Ariyana and L'Alya hotels in the nearby town of Ninh Van Bay. Reverie Saigon is one of the most opulent ballrooms in Ho Chi Minh City, while the Old School Caravelle Saigon is an eternal favorite from its rooftop to its meeting rooms. Renaissance Riverside Saigon, an example of a Marriott hotel, appeals to groups with its unique atrium surrounded by rooms and meeting rooms with river views.

The absence of a world-class high-capacity exhibition venue is by far the biggest challenge for Vietnam’s business events industry. Public places such as the Vietnamese National Congress Center in Hanoi and the country’s largest, the Saigon Exhibition and Congress Center, are not even close to the capacity available in other countries. A MICE specialist said Vietnam is easily one of the underserved exhibition markets in Asia.
An industry expert pointed out that a site similar to Thailand’s Bureau of Congresses and Exhibitions would facilitate events for organizers and exhibitors in Vietnam. There is reason to be optimistic despite the challenges the sector is currently facing. Starting with human contact, which is crucial when doing business. We can note a thirst for meaningful personal encounters, perhaps in reaction to the artificial pseudo-intelligences that invade our daily lives. People want to meet in person, ultimately, people trust people.

Vietnam offers few 5-star accomodations - Photo : Vietnam Travel

Few closing words

MICE tourism is being considered as a way to revitalize Vietnam's domestic tourism market after the entire industry was devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. This is because MICE tourism generates a significant amount of revenue for the economy, particularly during the recovery from the pandemic. As a result, it has the potential to significantly boost the domestic tourism market.

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