Adventure Sports for MICE: A Thrilling Trek Tour in North Vietnam

Adventure sports in North Vietnam provide a plethora of exhilarating opportunities for MICE clients and providers alike. With a wide range of thrilling activities such as trekking through lush forests, clients are guaranteed an adrenaline-filled adventure. Not only do these activities offer an unforgettable experience, but they also contribute to the growth of providers by attracting a surge in bookings and revenue.
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Trekking for MICE - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures


What is MICE?

MICE is an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. It is a significant segment of the hospitality and tourism industry that organizes professional and business-related events as per the demands of the concerned corporate house. The MICE industry plays a crucial role in bringing professionals from related sectors together in a hospitality setting.

Adventure Sports: An Adrenaline Rush

Adventure sports in North Vietnam provide a plethora of exhilarating opportunities for MICE clients and providers alike. They are activities that provide an adrenaline rush, offering life-changing experiences and a sense of thrill. These sports include activities like trekking, hkking, adventure racing, kayaking…. They are a favorite among adrenaline-addicts who crave thrill and excitement.

MICE and Adventure Sports: A Perfect Blend

Generally speaking, embarking on an adventure in North Vietnam is an invitation to uncover hidden gems that lie off the beaten path. Moreover, incorporating adventure sports into MICE events can provide an exciting twist to the usual business meetings and conferences. It offers a unique opportunity for team building and networking in an informal setting. Imagine discussing business strategies while kayaking on a wild lake or brainstorming ideas during a scucaving session. It's not just about mixing business with pleasure; it's about creating memorable experiences that foster stronger professional relationships.

Trekking in North Vietnam: An Unforgettable Journey

What sets North Vietnam apart is its breathtaking landscapes that serve as a picturesque backdrop for these thrilling escapades. North Vietnam is known for its stunning landscapes of limestone mountains and terraced rice fields. The region offers extensive networks of trekking trails that connect tribal villages, passing through extraordinary natural beauty on the way to remote homestays in ethnic minority communities.
One of the most popular trekking destinations in North Vietnam is Sapa. Nestled within the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Sapa offers an extensive network of trekking (and hikking) trails running through terraced rice fields farmed by the local tribes. The trekking tours in Sapa offer enriching experiences with multi-day tours passing through picturesque ethnic villages.

Trekking in Wonderland - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures


How Can a MICE Provider Incorporate a Trek Tour in North Vietnam?

A MICE provider will put this program as part of an incentive program or team-building activity. He is able to manage tourist guides who will take participants through magical places. Of course, the provider can also arrange for homestays in ethnic minority communities, offering participants an opportunity to experience local culture and traditions firsthand. This not only provides an adventurous break from routine business meetings but also fosters team bonding and camaraderie among participants.

Vietnam Aventura Trek in North Vietnam, an Trusted DMC event

Daughter of Mr Linh’s Adventures, Trusted DMC relies with trust on its team of experts and local guides to accompany the 40 girls of Vietnam Aventura Trek 2023. Here is the story :
Challenge of orientation 100% female in the north of Vietnam, Vietnam Aventura Trek 2023 is initiated by aventura trek vietnam 2023
, the reference website in France for all adventure, sports and solidarity events. Carrying its itineraries on bases of sharing, exploration and sports activities, it is quite naturally that Trusted DMC and OWAKA have woven the bases of what will become in a few months Vietnam Aventura Trek 2023.

What is it about?

In a constant and reactive listening, the MICE experts of Trusted DMC created a trek itinerary in 5 stages and 9 days, in North Vietnam. A particularly grandiose region, with ethnic communities known for their warm hospitality. Alternating adventure racing, visits and rest, teams of 2, 3 or 4 women must discover beacons scattered over the evolution area of the day. The terrain was chosen varied, so as to propose races according to the capacities and the rhythms of each. New technologies (GPS in real time to communicate with relatives in France, but also with the medical team, if necessary) accompany participants and accompanying persons.

Sharing uniques moments - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures

Human and sporting events according to Trusted DMC

In addition to the terrain and the trail from Ta Van to Ba Be via Hoang Su Phi or Dong Van, the Trusted DMC/ Mr Linh’s adventures team took care of logistics by making its guides available to the team while offering accommodation (sometimes homestay), vehicle transfers 19 seats and local catering.
Besides checking that in Vietnam, in Team Building, « Team » means Together Everyone Achieve More, the 40 valiant trekkers discovered a country, people, a culture and a unique gastronomy, to leave with bulbs blister on foot but stars in the eyes.
You know what? Trusted DMC will still be with Vietnam Aventura Trek… 2025 edition!

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