Vietnam Travel Advice 2022: Things to know before traveling to Vietnam

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From May 15,2022, Vietnamese government lifted the pre-departure COVID-19 test requirement for arrivals. This decision has been made as the number of infections and deaths drops significantly both in Vietnam and around the world. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers entering Vietnam are no longer required to have a negative test and they can travel without quarantine. 

After two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam officially reopens its borders to international tourists from March 15, 2022 under the new normal condition. For this reopening, many international visitors are eager to travel to Vietnam to discover the beauty of nature and culture. Below are the important policies for your travelers to prepare for a safe and memorable trip in Vietnam.

1. Entry requirements 

On March 16, 2022, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam issued new guidelines in welcoming back foreign arrivals. According to this guide,  travelers entering Vietnam only need to test negative for COVID-19 and are not required to quarantine.

Below are the entry requirements for foreign travelers to Vietnam.
 (Requirements to apply after March 15, 2022)


-  All foreign travellers are no longer required to show a negative Covid-19 test before departure. 
-  Install/use the Vietnam health declaration application (PC-COVID) to make health declarations and monitor health. 
-  All travelers must have medical or travel insurance covering COVID-19 treatment with a minimum liability of $10,000.

- Travelers can freely discover Vietnam WITHOUT QUARANTINE.

During stay:
- Monitor health as per health ministry protocol.
2. Visa requirements

The Vietnamese government has resumed the issuance of visa and visa exemption for foreign travelers as of March 15, 2022. Foreigners will be able to apply for tourist visas to enter Vietnam. 

Vietnam Visa Exemption
Vietnam officially resumes unilateral visa exemption for arrivals from 13 countries and territories as well as 9 ASEAN countries from March 15, 2022.
Area Country Term of residence Deadline
Asia Thailand Less than 30 days No
Malaysia Less than 30 days No
Singapore Less than 30 days No
Indonesia Less than 30 days No
Cambodia Less than 30 days No
Laos Less than 30 days No
Philippines Less than 21 days No
Myanmar Less than 14 days No
Brunei Less than 14 days No
Japan Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
South Korea Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Kyrgyzstan Less than 30 days No
Europe Russia Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Sweden Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Denmark Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Finland Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Norway Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
UnitedKingdom Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
France Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Germany Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Spain Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Belarus Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
Italy Korea Less than 15 days 14/03/2025
South America Chile Less than 90 days No

Vietnam electronic visa (E-Visa)
Citizens from 80 countries are allowed to get an E-visa from July 1, 2020. Vietnam’s E-Visa is one of several visa types offered by the Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners entering the country. The e-Visa is valid for 30 days, and single entry only. The e-Visa costs 25 USD for card payments. It requires three full working days to process. (List of countries available here

Travelers can apply directly for e-Visas here: Vietnam e-Visa Official Website

 Click here for a guide on how to get a Visa for Vietnam.

3. See and do in Vietnam 

Praised by many world travel magazines, Vietnam is always proud to be the leading tourist destination in Asia attracting many international tourists. Among the bustling streets of Hanoi, this capital remains the peaceful ancient style, which makes travelers slow down to feel everything. Ho Chi Minh City is filled fully with energy and the hustle and bustle of people's daily life. Travelers conquer the majestic nature and immerse themselves in the typique culture of ethnic groups from the northern mountainous. Recharge with relaxing moments on beautiful beaches stretching from North to South such as Halong Bay, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. The famous floating markets in Delta Mekong clearly show the simple and rustic life of people in the river region. Welcoming with hospitality, rich cuisine and picturesque scenery throughout the country, Vietnam is an ideal destination that brings many wonderful emotions to visitors. 

Vietnam Travel Advice 2022: Things to know before traveling to Vietnam
 Terraced field, the unique culture of the Northern mountainous region in Vietnam - Source: Collective
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