Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022

Proudly present to global travelers, Hoi An becomes one of the most welcome cities on Earth, appearing on the Booking.com platform.

Recently, Vietnamese in general and Hoi An people in particular are proud of Hoi An listed in “Most welcoming cities on Earth '' on the Booking.com platform. Announced in January 2022, the top 10 most welcoming cities on Earth got the notice from many people who have a passion for traveling. Together with famous cities in the world such as Metera (Italy), Bled (Slovenia), Nafplio (Greece)... Hoi An from Vietnam has captured tourists’ hearts by the hospitality of local residents. Besides the name as “one of the most welcoming cities”, Hoi An is also named as “one of the most romantic destinations' ' (ed by CNN), “Asia leading culture city destination” (World Travel Awards 2021). Hoi An received those valuable awards thanks to the full support from Hoi An’s lovers.

Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022

Located in the center of the S-shaped land - Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town is famous for its unique architecture along with historical monuments that have stood the test of time. This land promises to bring interesting experiences to visitors. 

Hoi An Ancient Town is an ancient urban area located at the junction of the lower reaches of the Thu Bon River, about 1 hour by plane from Hanoi and about 30km from the center of Da Nang. With this terrain, the East borders the East Sea, the beaches in Hoi An are also very attractive to tourists.

Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022

According to many recorded documents, Hoi An Ancient Town was built in the 16th century and was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1999. However, experiencing many historical changes along with the erosion of time, Hoi An Ancient Town still retains the ancient architectural features. 

Hoi An’s architecture is a special example of the traditional port city in Southeast Asia, which is still preserved nowadays. This everlasting beauty always sweeps tourists off their feet. The overall architecture is the most impressive highlight of Hoi An ancient town. It seems that every house, every street, every detail in Hoi An is magically in harmony. With the yellow-brown tone, the most common house style in Hoi An is a tube house with narrow width and long depth. Those houses usually have a wooden frame structure. The main materials have high strength and durability due to the climate characteristics of the region. That is also one of the major contributing factors for Hoi An's stability. 

With a narrow space, the houses are often arranged with 3 parts along the depth: trading area, living area and worship area. This can be considered as an architectural product with a distinct regional culture.

Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022
Roof architecture in Hoi An Ancient Town - Source: collective

Another beauty that attracts visitors' eyes is the roof. The roof style is in the Yin and Yang style. When roofing, people first arrange a row of tiles facing up and then the next row facing down. Thanks to this type of roofing, the tiles are formed into a range that rises up along the roof and creates a strong and sturdy roof effect.

Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022
Cau temple (Japanese Covered Bridge)

Walking around the old town is even more fascinating. The street is arranged like a chessboard with short and narrow streets, winding and embracing houses and making us more curious about the local daily life.

Another feeling that Hoi An brings is the worship of gods and religion. In Hoi An, visitors come across many assembly halls, old churches or pagodas with ancient architectural features and Chinese style. This monument reflects the thoughts and beliefs of the people in each historical period. 

Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022
Hoi An Lantern

This romantic town next to Hoai river - a tributary of the Thu Bon River - also attracts travel enthusiasts by its delicious food. Hoi An cuisine is well-known as the collection of diverse rustic and luxurious dishes, creating a culinary paradise by the river. As regards specialties such as Mì Quang or Cao Lau, the ingredients are diverse from the mountains, plains and sea, showing the sincerity of people to the precious gifts from nature. Besides, we can encounter Chinese and Western cuisines on every street in Hoi An.

Hoi An listed among most welcoming cities on earth for 2022
Cao Lau Source: collective

Not only impresses tourists by the pastoral scenery, Hoi An also attracts tourists by the local people’s hospitality. Kindness, friendliness and enthusiasm are some words that describe Hoi An's people. They welcome tourists by warm-heart and assist tourists, giving them suggestions as a local guide about the cuisine or places they should visit. The rustic pace of life here is gradual and quiet which imitates the speed of Thu Bon’s flow, making tourists immerse themself in a peaceful life. The services offered in Hoi An follow the standards given by the local authority to protect the service quality and prevent tourists from paying unreasonable prices. Hence, it can be said that local authorities play an essential role in building Hoi An’s image in tourist’s perception. 

Recently, the government officially announced that Vietnam will reopen inbound and outbound tourism under new normal conditions from March 15, 2022. This is not only good news for Hoi An but also for Vietnam's tourism industry. Along with that, it’s the eagerness to welcome international tourists back after nearly 2 years of the closure due to Covid-19 pandemic. As a trusted tour operator in Asia, Trusted DMC - Mr Linh’s Adventures have made careful preparations to accompagne businesses across the world. The common goal is to cooperate effectively and bring customers memorable experiences on each trip.

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