Relax in a Zen House in Hue

For many, the purpose of a vacation is to reset your mind and recharge your batteries, rather than cramming in activities and sights. While this inner peace is highly individual and each person may have their own preference for how to reach it, we believe that one of the best ways is through a visit to the Zen House in Hue.

Relax in a Zen House in Hue
Some evening meditation.

Known as Cat Tuong Quan (translated as “The gentleman who brings joy”), the Zen House offers a range of activities intended to relax both mind and body such as yoga and meditation classes and the more unique Qigong, a series of exercises and breathing techniques related to the more famous art of Tai Chi.

The Zen House also organizes cooking classes, teaching visitors how to cook authentic and healthy Vietnamese dishes, a lovely lunch or dinner consisting of a vegetarian buffet, and can even serve as a venue for birthday and wedding celebrations, in a Buddhist style of course.

Zen House Hue
Soulful food at the Zen House.

The length of your group’s stay here depends on you. They allow for both morning visits with no plans or guided classes, or for longer stays up to two days, where your guests will get to experience all the House has to offer. For someone looking for a place to escape from normal life and recharge, there is no better place than this.

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