Ban Gioc, Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Waterfall

There are so many amazing natural wonders in Northern Vietnam that it can be hard to fit it all in one, or even several trips. However, Ban Gioc Falls - also known as Detaian Falls - is an absolute must-see for any group even remotely interested in experiencing the natural beauty that the region has to offer. Easily Vietnam’s most magnificent waterfall, it features a 30 metre and a jaw-ping width of 300 metres.

Ban Gioc, Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Waterfall
A bird’s eye view of the entire waterfall.

The falls are fed by the Quay Son River, which serves as the border between Vietnam and China, and as such is actually the 4th biggest border waterfall in the world, after Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls and Iguazu Falls. The falls are unsurprisingly stunning, but the journey to them is equally impressive, with the giant karst and limestone formations covered in evergreen forests.

Once there, besides taking in the majestic falls, you can take a tube or raft out to the very edge of the waterfall, so close that you can feel the spray hitting your face. If your tour here takes place during the warm summer months, your guests may also appreciate the chance to go swimming in the large natural pool on the Vietnamese side.

Ban Gioc  Vietnam Most Beautiful Waterfall
An ancient waterwheel near the falls.

There are also a pair of cave systems located very close that are worth the time to visit. First up is Nguom Ngao Cave, the more visually impressive of the two. Here a path extends for a kilometre into the cave (though its total length is far longer) and features impressive stalactites hanging from the ceiling in the giant 100 metre tall main chamber.

Nguom Ngao Cave
The unique stalactites in Nguom Ngao Cave.

Meanwhile, Hang Pac Bo Cave, while also beautiful, carries with it an important historical significance. This cave is perhaps the most sacred spot to Vietnamese Revolutionaries, as this is where Ho Chi Minh launched his revolution, residing within the cave for a few weeks in 1941. The surrounding features bear charming communist names like Lenin Creek and Karl Marx Peak. Even those not interested in the historical aspect are sure to be impressed by the approach as you ascend through forests filled with butterflies and birds.

Pac Bo Cave
Entering Pac Bo Cave.

All in all, Ban Gioc Waterfall-Detian Falls is sure to be among the most impressive waterfalls your tour group has ever seen, if not the most impressive period. The roar of the cascading waters is amazing to experience, and anyone wanting to experience the natural wonders of Vietnam are sure to love it here.

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