Best Beaches and Resorts for Luxury Packages in Southeast Asia

While Southeast Asia rose to tourism prominence as a backpacker and off-the-beaten-track destination, it has in the decades since developed an amazing luxury scene, sure to please anyone looking for some time spent relaxing, being pampered and having their every need tended to.

Beaches and Resorts for Luxury Packages
TMS Luxury Hotel right on Da Nang Beach.

In Vietnam, the long Central Coast is home to uncountable numbers of resorts and stunning beaches, but the highest concentration and quality can be found around Da Nang, particularly at Lang Co. Further south, not far from Ho Chi Minh City, is Vung Tao. This cozy seaside town is home to stunning beaches and resorts, as well as a world-class golf course, perfect if your group contains some avid golfers who would love a break from the pool or beach.

Finally in Vietnam, once rugged Phu Quoc is now home to many great luxury resorts, usually isolated on a beach a distance away from town, letting your guests enjoy the luxury in peace and quiet.

Phu Quoc
Relax in complete luxury at Seashells Phu Quoc.

In Thailand, great destinations include the resorts located north of Phuket. Situated amongst lush forest with little human habitation around, the resorts provide a peaceful and exotic atmosphere while still ensuring complete luxury for their guests.
One of the resorts along Chaweng Beach on Ko Samui is another excellent Thai Luxury destination. Dozens of excellent resorts line the long beach, with most of them extending all the way to the water.

Ko Yao Noi
Six Senses on Ko Yao Noi is easily the most luxurious establishment in all of Thailand.

However, the Six Senses on Ko Yao Noi resort is easily the peak of luxury in Thailand, or perhaps in all of Southeast Asia. It’s not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for here, and your guests will quickly realize why it has gained the reputation it has.

The only real competition Six Senses has for the title of “Most luxurious resort in Southeast Asia” can be found in Cambodia. Here on the private island of Song Saa is an experience sure to satisfy even the most high-end of travellers. The resort offers rooms but also whole villas located right on the water.

 Song Saa
The private island of Song Saa offers unparalleled levels of pampering and comfort.

While Laos, being a landlocked country, doesn’t have a great ion of luxury beach side resorts, the sophisticated city of Luang Prabang practically oozes with luxury and fine dining opportunities.

In short, there are more than enough locations to fill out a luxury trip to Southeast Asia, and provides a much more exotic feel than many “traditional” luxury destinations in places like Europe.

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