The Best Beaches on the Cambodian Islands

While the Thai islands may be more famous worldwide, the islands on the Southern coast of Cambodia are easily their match in every way. From giant Koh Rong to untouched Koh Thmei to tiny yet luxurious Song Saa, there is an island and a beach here for every type of beach-enthusiast.

Koh Rong
The jungle creeps right up to the waterfront on Koh Rong.

Koh Rong, by far the biggest island in the archipelago near Sihanoukville, is ringed by 23 white sandy beaches. Highlights among these are Long Beach and Tui Beach, where due to the lack of light pollution, phosphorescent plankton can be seen every night. The High Point Adventure Park is also a great spot to go if you want some amazing sunset views of the ocean and beach.

Koh Rong’s little brother, Koh Rong Sanloem, is the most developed island in Cambodia. Saracen Bay, once a picturesque tropical paradise is now fairly developed, though few of the resorts extend onto the beach itself. Mbei Bay is an option for groups wanting a quieter beach experience, and if they’re up for a hike, they can head over to Clear Water Bay from there, which is almost completely untouched by human activity.

Saracen Bay
Though more developed than before, Saracen Bay is still stunning.

Koh Ta Kiev is by and large ignored by foreign visitors, and so provides an authentic counter-part to the more popular islands mentioned above. The beaches are somewhat unique for the region, given that all three are shaded by pine trees along their entire lengths.

For a truly pristine beach experience, plan a day-trip to Koh Thmei, which doesn’t even contain a single village (though a few families do make their home in the interior), and as such is incredibly pristine, more so than any other island in the country. If you want to give your group some time to enjoy this untouched beauty, then there’s a single accommodation option featuring bungalows available. The island is ringed by mangroves, and features a rich wildlife, a product of its untouched nature.

The height of luxury of Song Saa.

Finally, Song Saa Island, a small private island owned by a single resort, is the pinnacle of luxury in Cambodia. Here your group can relax as every need is taken care of, a perfect getaway to relieve stress and recharge your batteries.

There are few places in the world that offer the same range of options for beach travellers condensed into such a small area, making the Cambodian Islands an ideal destination for your next beach package.

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